Use these Home Staging Ideas for Entertaining or a Fast Sale

Staged homes typically attract better-qualified home buyers fast who are willing to pay more for them.  But your objective may be entirely different from that of selling a home, perhaps improving it instead to encourage guests and family members to return for future entertainment, to be that exclusive oasis for your own relaxation, or simply to make it like new again through routine maintenance.  Whether making others fall in love with your abode or restoring it to the retreat that prompted you to buy it in the first place, consider these house staging tips along your journey to making the property into the showplace you've always known that it could be. Use these Home Staging Ideas for Entertaining or a Fast Sale Twelve Tips on Easily Cleaning and Depersonalizing Your Home Declutter by packing early, focusing on books, clothing, memorabilia, photos, diplomas, wall art, and other personal items. Consider the use of storage offsite. Reduce belongings to the absolute must-haves in th

Limit Surprises with these 15 Interior Home Inspection Tips

An Illustration Reading Limit Surprises with These 15 Interior Home Inspection Tips

The euphoria of first-time home ownership is undeniable, particularly for those for whom rental payments seemed to have become a necessary way of life.  Unfortunately, the home inspection that was likely conducted during the buying process may have been the only one completed on the property, and the limited maintenance tips available online can be rather troubling to both first-timers and others.  Indeed, that angst over what could go wrong and often at the worst possible time, perhaps when funds are low, is often among the main frustrations associated with owning a home.  

Limit Surprises with these 15 Interior Home Inspection Tips

Consider these routine interior maintenance tips along with the other home inspection suggestions for peace of mind during home ownership and when the time comes to part ways with your home.

Consider these Home Inspection Tips based on the Build Date 

  • Test properties built in 1978 or earlier for lead, mitigate when necessary, and retain reports.
  • Test all properties for radon, mitigate as necessary and retain the reports.
  • Have drywall, vinyl floor tiles, and other surfaces of homes built prior to 1980 tested for asbestos by a trained professional and mitigate as soon as possible and retain reports.
  • Homes built in the southeast between 2001 and 2008 with an ash-like powder appearing around corroded, blackened copper surfaces that smell of rotten eggs should consider testing for the use of Chinese Drywall inside their homes.

Three Good Ways to Inspect the Cabinetry Inside Your Home

  • Check the appearance and the proper operation of all cabinets, doors, and drawers, ensuring that they open freely, close, and latch without binding on their jambs.
  • Inspect the hinges of all cabinets and doors to ensure that they are tight, latch firmly, and otherwise work properly.
  • Look for sagging or discoloration of the pressboard in cabinets beneath all sinks.

Inspect Doors, Windows, and other Surfaces in Four Steps

  • Check for holes, protruding nails, cracked, stained, rotted, or sagging wood, and other damage near all ceilings, doors, floors, walls, fireplace, hearth, and molding, and address them as needed.
  • Minimize air leaks by replacing the seals around doors to the outside.
  • Secure all air vents firmly to their surfaces.
  • Ensure that all electrical wall plates match, are in good condition, and are attached securely without gaps or exposed wires.

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Three Ways to Inspect the Flooring and Stairs of Your Home

  • Examine the flooring for damaged carpet, tile, hardwood, etc., tripping hazards, and spot-replace as needed.
  • Check the condition and appearance of mats, rugs, staircase risers, boards, and other floorings to ensure that they are free of hazards such as slips, or falls.
  • Replace any missing stairway rail balusters and tighten any others that are excessively loose.  

Wrapping Up These 15 Interior Home Inspection Tips

Whether subtle or not, our homes are often a reflection of who we are, our lifestyles, and the care put into them.  So, a single list that covers inspection checkpoints from vastly different climates all around the United States is largely impractical, and frankly, was never the intention of this article.  However, these interior home inspection tips were based on findings that frequently appeared in home inspection reports from actual home-buying clients and should provide valuable insights into proper home care and maintenance that limits surprises at the worst possible time.  Use them in your routine maintenance and feel at ease about the condition of your home.

When considering a pre-sale inspection, please call Associate Broker of Real Estate Solomon Greene at (770) 271-2156 for a list of local home inspectors.

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